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MapMatrix Technology is the most technologically advanced GIS delivery system in the world today.
MapMatrix GIS Application Server is the most powerful and the fastest method of delivery of GIS and mapping data ever created. No other product, at any price, even comes close.

Publish GIS data over the internet, intranet, or embed GIS information into any other application with our easy to use software development kit. Integration with other systems and applications is fast and easy. Enjoy a sample of a simple GIS Public Viewer or be amazed by our Virtual Earth Tile Server.

GIS Data
In the world today, there are countless GIS and image formats. Our exclusive Custom Data Adapter technology allows you to use any GIS data format with our products. Not only can you use the data, but in many cases it will be delivered faster than when using the GIS data manufacturers software!

Unbelievable Pricing
Why pay outrageous prices from other vendors who are stuck in the pre-historic pricing world of monothilic companies like ESRI (ArcIMS) and MapInfo. Why pay thousands upon thousands of dollars in additional licensing fees just for the privilege of using YOUR gis data in an application. MapMatrix application server starts at only $ 399.00. Thats right, only $399.00. Not a thousand dollars, or four or five or ten thousand dollars. ONLY $399.00 Total.
GIS Solutions

Gateway Horizons has adopted a policy of delivering our software development kits (SDK) for FREE. That means no development licenses at all. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. As a matter of fact you can download the full SDK now with no obligation of any kind.

The software development kits allow you to develop full GIS applications for windows or for the Internet.
GIS Solutions
Already Have GIS?
Do you want to save money ? Do you want to save a lot of money ? Are using other systems (like ArcIMS) to publish your GIS over the internet, or have applications that occupy valuable licenses?

If so, REPLACE these expensive systems and STOP PAYING huge yearly maintenance fees just for the privilege of using YOUR data. Buy our MapServer and save thousands upon thousands of dollars every year.

Compare your yearly maintenance fees and see how much money you can save.
Need professional assistance with your GIS projects?
The professional staff at Gateway Horizons will assist you in designing and building GIS solutions and IT software applications. We offer full product life-cycle consulting services; from evaluating your needs and estimating total cost of ownership, to providing project rollout and training.

Click on the banner below to download the .NET MapMatrix Application Development tools and begin your free trial Today !
Gis Solutions

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